IMG_5580Our Yurts are handcrafted with love, care and passion by Craftsman and Master Carpenter Paulie, using only hand tools with no electricity, and total respect for the environment.

The wood used in our yurts is sourced from coppice woodland in Oxfordshire, which is good for tree regeneration, wildlife and butterflies.

Each Yurt has two doors which are hand made and carved with inspiring coulourful designs. The windows allow the sunlight to create beautiful effects during the day, and by night creating a lovely warm ambience.

The Lotus Yurt (16 ft) has a side hatch, which can be used as a window or a porch.

The Goddess Yurt (20 ft) has a front porch, which helps to protect from rain or sun. This is where people usually leave their shoes before entering the space.

The love and care used by Paulie in making these yurts results in beauty, harmony, and a lovely uplifting energy.

The full canvas is also hand made using traditional sewing methods and certified fire-retardant and water resistant material. Water-tight goundsheets are fitted.

Our yurts are suitable for all year round use, as we can provide a wood burning stove for a cosy winter event.

We can provide mattresses and bedding on request, as well as bunting, lights, rugs, etc (please refer to accessories for full listing)


About Us

hire a yurt

Namaste! We are delighted to offer our beautiful yurts for hire, so you can have a Sacred Space to pause,  to learn, to heal, or simply to be, to celebrate and enjoy!

Our Yurts provide beautiful spaces that add beauty and magic to events, settings, ceremonies, weddings, workshops, celebrations, retreats, or simply for you to enjoy as an extra space in your garden.

Sacred Space Yurts hold a special harmonious energy, and we know that you and your guests will have memories to cherish and to talk about for a long, long time after… enjoy!


How Sacred Spaces came about

Over the many years of working at festivals, people have always commented on how they have enojyed the beautiful space that we created in our bell tent. Whilst drinking chai tea one day, we seeded the idea of our vision, which has now become a reality. With Paola’s background in healing and consciousness work, and Debbie’s backround in massage and yoga, we decided to create a Sacred Space to not only work in, but to share for everyone to enjoy.

We chose yurts because of the healing energy of a circular space, which many indigenous people have used over the centuries as a place of gathering, healing and channeling the energy for the purpose of inviting the sacred in.



We would like to share these Sacred Spaces with you as we know you will love them.